“+”  (pronounced Positive) is an exhibition project that sheds light on ideas around Desire, Sex Positivity, HIV and it's Prevention. The Goal of this exhibition is to open up space for dialog around topics that are deemed taboo in marginalized communities. Interested in removing the stigma and toxic thinking around the idea of HIV, but also how desire, and sex positivity relates to HIV and it’s prevention. 

This exhibition will be in conjunction with CPAN, and World Aids Day Detroit, taking place at The Baltimore Gallery, opened on Dec 1st 2017 (World Aids Day)


Exhibiting artist William Black,  Troy Huffman, Emilio Rojas, Callie, Jared Packard, Renluka Maharaj, Brian Driscoll, Derrick Woods Morrow, and William Marcellus Armstrong

Museum Of Contemporary Art on INSTAGRAM (MOCA.IG)

(MOCA.IG) is a digital museum designated for the social Media Platforms Instagram, and Facebook. Formed from an interest in curating I formed (MOCA.IG) to play the role of a Fictional Museum, exploring and showcasing contemporary art work of the African, and Latinx Diaspora. Through This on going project I plan to offer a one week instagram take over (Residency) to one emerging artist or curator every month. 


I think it's important to provide accessible art to art lovers. The work shown on (MOCA.IG) spans from photography, sculpture, performance, video, sound, painting, ceramic. etc