#Project20 (in progress)


"Project 20" deals with the resistance, survival, and love of Black and Latinx people between the ages of 20 and 30. It is inspired by my upbringing in Detroit, MI and my love for contemporary Hip-Hop music. "Project 20’s" comes from two specific songs, “We Don’t Care” by Kanye West off of his College Dropout album, and “Chapter Six” by Kendrick Lamar from his Section 80 album. Both of these song speak about the life of minority youth in marginalized communities. How they thrive to make a living, and to be happy by any means necessary. This as a result leads a large amount of Black and Latinx youth to with either end up in jail or worst dead.  

For this project I am collecting a minimum of 200 portraits of Black and Latinx people ages of 20 and 30 in a very simple and minimalist photo with a straight forward confrontational gaze towards the camera. Thinking about visibility of marginalized people that are be removed from their living communities placing these faces in both a white wall gallery setting as well as in the wall in the communities that said people are being removed from.

The portraits adept through an alternative process known as Cyanotype, and then tone/stained with either black tea or coffee. Each portrait will be 11x14.